April 10, 2010

File under TMI

My body is changing and I hate it. I understand that as women.........hell, as a human, as we age our body has to adjust and change. I guess I never really thought much about it though. But now... It seems like every day I'm finding something new that is changing, that reacts differently, that wasn't the way it used to be. On the not most important, but most annoying scale is my new found irritability.  I get annoyed. A lot. And boy howdy, fast. Things that I used to be able to write off and / or ignore, now stick with me. I find myself growling and holding grudges for things that truly have no effect on me. I'm sure the change is something hormonal, as it gets worse during my period. This is a big change! I was so proud that I could say my personality didn't really change.....but I can't say that any more.


Add to that lovely new things like changes in my skin (dear God will I ever stop having acne?) and a new found sensitivity to caffeine.........I'm so not a happy girl right now.

Actually, that's not right. I'm just cranky and irritable because it's 1125 pm and I'm usually dead asleep at 930. I'm actually quite tired, but I can't get my brain to shut up and I blame the combo of nap, exercise, sex, and caffeine. My processors just can't figure out what they are supposed to do with that much stimulant and have decided that driving me batty is the best course. Which pisses me off to the point that I want to cry because I can't sleep now, which likely means I'll be dead tired for tomorrow and there are things I want to be awake for ( I won tickets to a matinee at the symphony). Gaaaa!!!! See what I mean. That paragraph was meant to be about how I'm not really angry but instead I'm now in tears.

Stupid body.