February 28, 2010

Minor Victory!

Woot! I achieved minor victory today by reaching one of those silly, completely arbitrary goals. I've been working out consistantly for the last two months. It wasn't really a New Year's resolution...more of just a decision to not be soft, squishy, and have an ass that was shaped like my sofa.  I've been working out with the WiiFit Plus, yoga tapes, walking, light weight training at the school gym, and even occasionally running.  Something is paying off. Clothes are looser. I can feel the muscles where before it was just squishy.

I didn't really have a goal though. To not be sofa shaped doesn't give a  lot of detail. I didn't have a specific number/ weight in mind...except to be under 200. Instead I chose the completely arbitrary goal of moving my BMI from obese (I know I was on the low side of obese.....and I know the BMI is a flawed system...most Olympians are considered obese too.) to just plain overweight.  I hit that today!


If you haven't seen the WiiFit chart, this is basically what a person would see every time they weighed in. This isn't my chart...obviously I'm not a male. But it is a good image to show you why my achievement was a silly goal. Yes, it does mean less weight and better health, but really the part that got me all excited was the validation of seeing that little blue arrow and line move from within Obese at the top to Overweight. Now, if only the Mii would somehow show the loss of 10 lbs. on it. 


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