May 08, 2010

Almost summer!

10. Ten is the number of teaching days left in this school year.  On the look back, even with the few bumps I've had this year, it has been infinitely smoother than last year. I feel more confident in my abilities (though I do still get the feeling ...occasionally...that I'm a sham and just pretending to teach) and I'm more confident that my students are actually learning and retaining the knowledge /skills I'm helping to equip them with.

That being said....Please God, let this next two weeks go by quickly! Right now the seniors are on my last nerve. I'm sure it's a case of senioritis, but most of them are currently not passing....and I don't have high hopes of their research papers will completed (well) by the due date.

But I'm going to keep my fingers crossed. Maybe they'll stop wasting their time whinning and start furiously working? This is the first block of classes, in 2.5 years, that has stressed themselves - and thereby me- this badly.