June 15, 2007

The misreadings are great!

Somewhere in the umm...well...somewhere in ....New Mexico...I believe...is a series of road signs. They are just run of the mill name-the-upcoming-town signs, but when read with a slightly off accent and a brain that processes pop culture like water fun ensues.

sign : Animas 20
(after glancing left and right at the passing landscape)
me: I don't see any animas. Do you?

sign: Playas 5
me: Well, there may not be animas but the next stop is full up wit playas.

sign: SomeCity Zoo
H: No, we don't have time to stop at the zoo.
me: But there will be animas!

***much later***

me: Look there's the SomeCity Cultural center. Do we need culture?
H: We already have culture, baby..
me: Heck ya we do....we didn't stop at "The Thing" or the "Acre Rug Store".
H: *snort*