June 15, 2007

And away we go!

Hilz and I are leaving here shortly. The destination is CT, so she can be with her princess. Unlike most people in AZ, I figured out how to prolong my time with her....road trip! Now, other people have done long trips with me. If I don't have something specific to keep me occupied I go stir crazy. Most people take that chance. They'd rather I went nuts somewhat quietly in the passenger seat...not try to get us lost somewhere on the highways. This backfires almost every time. The most memorable was when Chris threatened to drop me off somewhere along the Alaska-Canadian highway. Hilz has decided that I am going to be driving (she gave me Texas, oh goody!) and has put me in charge of finding strange and unusual places to stop. I have a list (not really) and we will stop if any of them are open. There will be many pictures and a few stories, I'm sure. I'm just not sure whether they will be posted from the road or after I return. You'll just have to hold your breath and see.