February 01, 2007

Conversations with hearts

Today a piece of candy proposed: Marry Me
And then demanded affection: Kiss Me
Soon the nicknames started: Cutie Pie, My Baby, Nice Girl
We discussed feelings: Amore
Everything was perfect: Dreams, Magic
There was constant communication: Call Me, IM Me, Fax Me
Cheers could be heard in the distance: Go Girl
But then there was some time apart: Miss You
And a tentative reunion: Got Love
Mutual attraction was rediscovered: Let's Kiss
Now there is another term of endearment: Lover Boy

**All of the Candy's dialogue was taken directly off of Necco Conversation Hearts**


~ the hilzy one ~ said...

OMFG Fishy. you have too much time on your hands. Just eat the damn things... don't play with them!

Big Gay Jim said...


Mandy said...

If they weren't supposed to be played with they wouldn't be written on. So there.