February 02, 2007

For those of you out in the bitter cold...

Good news! Punxsutany Phil, the rodent we have come to trust with identifying the length of our seasons, did not see his shadow today. You are saved from six more weeks of winter. Yay!


La Petite Fleur (AKA Tessa) said...

yay!! indeed.

Big Gay Jim said...

Since the wind chill here was around 37 below this morning, I think the little bastard is a liar. Maybe I'm just jaded. Or frostbitten.

Big Gay Jim said...

Current conditions in Laramie, WY:
9F air temp, -14F windchill

Current conditions at McMurdo Station, Antarctica:
6.5F air temp, -7F windchill

It's Noon tomorrow there.

Mandy said...

At least you don't have 6 extra weeks of this weather!

Can you call in frozen?