March 24, 2006

Short Attention Span Friday

Wallace and Grommet: Curse of the Were-rabbit, rocks!!!


Long ago, in another lifetime, there was a boy who thought he could fix cars. Turns out he was partially wrong. Remember all those battery troubles I had last winter? As it happens, the battery was only half the problem. He also fidgeted with the wiring. The main electrical system was grounded in/near the radio. Drainage city, baby! Over the last couple of weeks several new things have happened. Most disturbing was the lack of dash board lights. All of them were gone. NO gauge function, no signals, no warning lights.....nothing. That has been fixed. I'm not sure whether I mentioned this, but there were also some problems with my car's ERS valve. It needed to be cleaned. Yup that's it.

In conclusion...don't let my ex fix your car


a little rewiring + some cleaning solvent = $350


There is one lock of hair that is driving me insane. It is too long to be bangs, but to short to be part of the rest. It's not quite time to get my hair done...but this is a pain!


Mark said...

I also have some hairs that are too long at the front, but it isn't quite time to get my haircut yet. I might just go in anyways. Go for it! You'll feel better!