March 19, 2006

Send me your reading lists, please...

Over the last week I've spent countless hours wandering. Aimlessly moving between shelves, down rows, and around end caps. I've become adept at blocking out the nearby, semi quiet chatter. I move slowly...scanning the shelves. My fingertips have taken on a life of their own. Casual, feather light touches along spines keep me rooted in the present. It's too easy for me to become lost among books.

I don't know what I'm looking for. My eyes scan over the bright colors and glossy images. If you watch me long enough, you'll see my lips moving. I'm not talking to least not in the traditional fashion. I'm repeating titles. Feeling them. I'm hoping for some internal signal that the book is perfect. I'm doing the one thing that makes every book lover cringe and my English teacher instict sigh with frustration. I'm judging books by their covers.

My reading habits are lapsing. My brain feels mistreated. I am spending too much time reading journals and educational dialogues. When I do read for isn't. That's not entirely true. I will always enjoy reading. It isn't challenging. I don't know why, or how, but the books I've been trying aren't right. They aren't a challenge. The don't ask me to fight, while allowing me to enjoy. I'm not asking for theory or hidden political agendas. I just want a book that will run circles around me mentally....then show me the beautiful, hidden places secreted within.


Rachel said...

In A Sunbrurned Country by Bill Bryson was excellent. Very funny. And if you haven't already read them, The Hitchhiker's Guide Series are some of my favorite books ever. Ooh, and there is a series of murder myser novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child which have a wide range of characters that I read this summer and really enjoyed.

P.S. Love the new blog! I've been contemplating a kind of revamp as well.

Rachel said...

um...that's supposed to be "mystery" as opposed to "myser."
I seep to bw tired (that's actually how I typed that and have opeted for no correstions).

Clayton said...

I recommend the worm Oroborous

Squid said...

Hmm, my reading list right now? I am stuck in between reading like 5 books. I get distracted and am trying to finish all 5 at the same time.

Girl Cook by: Hannah Mccouch

Hair Styles of the Damned by: Joe Meno

Coloring Outside the Lines: A Memior by Aimee Cooper

Naked by: David Sedaris

Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by: Legs McNeil

Stardust by: Neil Gaiman

Shopgirl by: Steve Martin

White Oleander by: Janet Fitch

Super Chef: The Making of the Great Modern Restaurant Empires by: Juliette Rossant

Normal by: Amy Bloom

So yeah, that is what I have been and am reading, maybe hopefully you will find something in there that catches your eye.
Love always