March 11, 2006

Spring Break

For the first time, ever, I am some place warm for spring break. Strange I know, but I've always managed to be the one snowed in and / or working over break. This year I'll be forgetting most things work related and enjoying my free time. I may even go play at the lake.

Murphy's Law has definently kicked in though. This, the first official day of break, it is raining. Raining! Pull on your boots and come play in the puddles with me! As much as I adore the sunshine, there is just something beautiful about rain. Maybe a relocation to Seattle is in order?


Mark said...

Wow, this is a shock to me! Congrats on the overhauled blog though, I like it. I'm not sure exactly where you were for March Break, but I hope you had a relaxing time.

Mandy said...

hiya Mark! Glad you like the new place...

I stayed in AZ for the break, was just estatic to have a break though.