March 27, 2006

Shared thoughts while my internet connection is stable...

1. While I'm not overly fond of my feet, I am starting to appreciate them. I know this is odd. I've never been a fan of feet...mine or anyone else's. They are just a necessary part of the body. Balance and movement are such wonderful things! Lately, I've been working on my willingness to hide, or worse, ignore my feet. Why? Living in the land of heat and sun has made me into even less of a shoe wearer than before. I know, another surprising statement if you judge by the large variety of shoes that reside scattered throughout my apartment. The point? For some reason, lately, I've become friends with my feet. I like the quirky things about them...the randomly squashed in toes even though I've never had shoes that were too small for any length of time...the little toes that serve no real purpose as they don't touch the ground.

2. I've been on a historical fiction movie kick lately. There have been grand movie epics, cheesy blockbusters, and strange made-for-tv movies. Unintentionally (I swear!) they all have some vague underlying religious referrence. Some are Goddess based, others Druidic, and some have been a mish-mash of paganism. There have even been a couple that were Norse....think Vikings and Odin. Beyond the usual dissatisfaction with the massive amounts of innaccuracies, there is one thing that keeps jumping out at me. Every one of them has a moment were the background music becomes key. This is emphasized by the strange, almost etherial, half-singing half-sighing soprano voice that takes over. In the grand tradition of Enya and Loreena McKennit ( probably is one of them) the voices invoke images of women in distress...or worlds where fairies exist. Fitting for historical fiction, right? They drive me insane. Insane. I can't help it. I don't know why. They just grate on my nerves.

3. I have to find a new apartment. Nothing's wrong with this one....except location. Normally, I'm not opposed to a tad bit of ghetto. It gives a place character. But last night I became personally acquainted with one of the scary neighbors in the crack house across the street. Long and short of that they know I'm here...I want out.

4. I want to apologize to any readers who don't have a blogger account / access to commenting. I thought about leaving it open for a long time, but the urge to not monitor the posts myself was too enticing. I was tired of spammers. Email is always an option if you really want to comment. :)

5. It appears that I had a lot of babbling to do...never mind me...