September 19, 2010

Something about Sunday

There is just something. Something about Sunday. There is something about this particular Sunday...and other like it, that helps me slide into introspection. Today's topic seems to be friendship and or more accurately my homebody behavior.

I do this thing. I know I do it. It was pointed out to me in the past as being negative, but I no longer know if it is. I like to spend time with the person I love. Sometimes to the exclusion of all other people. I let the object of my affection take up all my time. This was a negative. Previously, this focused attention kept me from my friends, from others I adore, from places and events, and from myself.

I realized today that while I do have local friends, I don't often see most of them. The two or three people I consider to be my friends from work....I see daily there, but only once in a great while outside the school system. Friends from geek circles are usually only seen at geek events. The rest of the time I use twitter and facebook to keep up with them. Friends from kink circles have all but faded. There are still a few I consider friends, and keep in touch with, but yet is only through twitter and facebook.

I don't even really call and chat with people.

I don't think my lack of social interaction is truly a negative thing, this time. Sure I spend most of my time with my husband, but that's good. We get along and are interested in many of the same things. I'm not missing events or people because of my time with him.  We just don't go out often. A large portion of this is due to money....or lack there of. Some is location. We live in a different part of the valley than most of my friends. And another portion goes to time. My weekly schedule doesn't allow for much socialization on weekdays...even with Teel. Weekends are available, but then I have to get over my own personal homebody tendencies.

I'm usually much more willing to stay home and be comfy than drive across town to hang out for a couple hours.

I haven't decided where this post is going or has ended up. I don't know if I actually miss having a large group of friends that I saw daily....or if these small interactions are fine. I do know that there is something about this Sunday that is pointing out how much I miss having one or two close friends to just hang out with occasionally.


Bree said...

I'd just thought I'd leave a comment and let you know you're not alone :P I often wonder if my lack of social interaction is a negative thing...sometimes I think it's because I'm told it's negative that it becomes negative...and I often question it's negativity. Is my loneliness my own construction? Or something :P

But anyway, I wish you luck with your weight loss!