August 08, 2010

Vegas and SanDiego

Yay for vacations....even working ones! A few weeks ago we went on vacation. It started with a quick jaunt to Vegas were during the day I was holed up in an oh-so-excited education conference. Some good things came of it, but classes sure aren't what I think of when I think Vegas. We did do a bit of sight-seeing...I think we walked the entirety of the strip pretty much every night. Saw all the free shows, ate some awesome icecream at Serendipity 3, and hung out with Coley. She and her sister took us to a dive restaurant where I had my first taste of crawfish, shrimp w/heads n legs,  and crab legs by the plastic bag full. Delishious, messy, and so much fun to catch up with her!

This is war!  The shrimp brigades line up for battle. Or we were silly full after eating several pounds of sea bugs and this seemed like a good idea.

A much prettier picture - reunion!

And then there was comicon! SanDiego is quite the awesome place. We stayed in a strange little hotel right in the heart of Little Italy. And by strange I mean the elevator can barely hold two people comfortably and the toilet is on a landing a step higher than the rest of the bathroom.  But it was a nice walk to and from with lots to see.

One of my  favorite sights on the walk was that many of the overpasses had been decorated with old school video game characters, in tile. The one nearest the hotel was a space invader and a tiny lil Mario 1-up mushroom.

There was so much to see at the Comicon that I often didn't even think to take my camera out. Also, I was strangely disappointed in the lack of costumed people wandering around. I did snap a few photos, but really the most know outside the fact that at one point I was in the same room as Nathan Fillion....was the amount of swag we walked away with. I had no idea that many of the vendors would be just giving away cool products. I was even more surprised to see that there were tons of publishers away ARCs! I was a bit discombobulated, it took a couple days, and much razzing from Teel, before I became comfortable enough to ask for the freebies.  So much stuff!  All in all I'm glad I went to the comicon, but I don't think I'll be going back any time soon.....too many people...too stress-filled...and line-filled. I'll stick to the Phoenix con.