September 10, 2009

Something's in the air

I've been strangely productive today. Normally, productivity wouldn't be anything worthy of a blog post, but like I said this is strange. Lately, I've been anything but productive. I'm pretty sure I even blogged about how frustrating it was....or something vaguely related to my non-productivity. School started back up recently and that was enough to kick my daily routine into gear. I do have to prepped and ready for daily classes. Plus, being capable of getting things done means less time doing non-fun things on weekends. This is different though. From the time I woke up, throughout the school day, even this evening at home...I've been getting things done. I don't quite understand it, but I'm not going to toss this gift away. I was able to get up this morning and make a series comments on various blogs. I even made a couple friends on a new book forum. School went smoothly. I was able to finish all of my planned school tasks plus some - which is awesome in my opinion. I don't often get even my planned tasks done daily. At home there has been more blog comments, a book review, this post, t.v. shows enjoyed....and there is still time! I just needed to get this day down in mandyland history. *bouncy bouncy*