July 16, 2009

New Blog

So, after the last post and several more days of discontent, I decided to do something about the situation. I was not going to sit around mopping for the last couple weeks of vacation. No! I took stock and realized that other than a strange compulsion to categorize/organize things that cropped up this summer, I was actively participating in two things. One is the computer game FreeRealms, which while fun, not something for me to obsess over. The other is my love of books. I read all the time. Not a surprise from the English teacher really, I know......but actually, from the way people talk and/or comment when they see my book shelves and reading lists, I must read more (like metric butt tons more) than most. Teel refers to me as "a reader" said with the inflection one would use when calling someone a breeder, a gay, a werewolf, a biker...whatever.

Example: " You're such a....reader."

It's hard to express the sentiment in words, but it's true (and in fun). I am a reader. So I started a book blog. I was listing and giving short reviews (for some books) on goodreads. I'm going to continue that, but some books just deserve more attention (good or bad), and let's face it...it's easier to snark when I have more than 140 characters. ;)

Please, check the blog out. Follow if you want to. Comment as you will. She Reads