January 19, 2009

Adventures in Birthday Land

First, this one isn't about my birthday, but I keep giggling about it so I thought I'd share. New evidence has been found that supports the conclusion that my brain does not work they way many other peoples do. Yesterday, while on the way home, I noticed a sign. It reads: "Ray's body and paint"  Using my deductive reasoning skills and only a small amount of gray matter, I am aware that this sign is probably for an autobody shop. That is not however how my brain initially interpreted that sign. I read the sign and was immediately given a mystery movie like scenerio where there was a body on the floor (Ray by the name stitched onto the pocket of his shirt) and several dozen spilled paint containers. I can almost hear the dialogue. From the gruff, out of sorts Chief of Police looking at a picture of the scene: "What the hell is this?"  Smart assed rookie: "Well Sir, Ray's body and paint."  Ok. I know it's terrible, but it had me in giggles at the time and still does.

Alright, birthday stuff. I learned three very important things this Saturday. One and two are so closely related that I'll let you untangle them. I learned not to procrastinate when planning an event that is important to you or one that people will have to drive for. When you do you smack into things like not being able to get reservations or even random seating at the restuarant you've chosen. I was undecided until late Friday evening as to whether I really wanted a birthday party or not. When I decided it took several hours to decide where. I sent out the invites and let procrastination kick in. I didn't call the restaurant for reservations. I didn't think it was necessary. Turns out it was. Luckily, everyone involved was willing to take a side journey to another restaurant. I was especially lucky to have Teel around. After letting me apologize and wrap my embarrassment around my mistake he pulled the internet out of his pocket (iPhone) and with the help of Zoe (foodie friend extraordinare) located a restaurant not too far away that would take a last minute reservation. Yay!

The third thing I learned is that my friends/family are amazing. I'm sure I already knew this, but the reminder was well timed. Even with my close to temper-tantrum pouting my family supported me and hung in there. My friends, who could have been really put off by having to drive all over town, were gracious and accepting of the changing plans. The whole thing could have gone so very wrong. Instead it became an adventure with delicious end results.

I still haven't quite accepted 32, but I'm much closer than I was. If this whole weekend taught me anything it was that just because something is bad, it doesn't have to become terrible. 32 is starting out rough, but if I focus on the good I am sure it will only get better.