July 09, 2008

To blog or not to blog?

I'm pondering the fate of this blog. Lately, it has just been tedious to come post anything here. Oh, I still come in out of habit. I come to check reader stats....people are still reading, but not in the numbers they once were, and they certainly aren't commenting. But, comments aren't the reason I blog, right? There is a lot of work on this blog and on the previous version of it. There is something like four or five years of writing, thoughts, and sharing archived on these blogs. Deleting seems like such a waste.

Some thing is lacking here though. I know my content has not always been highly intellectual and that I tend to run a more random collection than other bloggers, but lately even the fluff doesn't seem right. It's just filler now; taking up space that important ideas and issues could fill. But they don't. Maybe I just don't have anything important to say? Or I'm in a rut?

I keep looking at other peoples blogs, personally done, and know I don't have the skills to create blogs like theirs, but they are so much more interesting. Areas for content, areas for fluff, for pictures, for work, for creative endevors. Do I have those? Am I full enough to fill multiple areas and have a more "adult" blog or is general fluff my niche?

Also, lately, I'm very easily annoyed with the fluff. Yes, I want to share it. Yes, I find it interesting. But do I actually care? *shrugs*