July 09, 2008


Obviously, I'm moving things around a bit. The cute argyle background was just too muted and I'm hoping that the revamp will help to settle any urges to abandon blogging altogether. I'm not completely finished yet...links or something similar may be added. What do you think?


RcktMan Rick said...

I love playing with my blog 'look and feel' - it helps me stay interested in blogging, because sometimes it's hard to keep it up.

I like the look.. and I LOVE those leggings :-)

Rick (RcktMan)

fleur said...

I likes it!

Mandy McClanahan said...

Rick - Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that gets bored.

Tessa - Thanks sweetgirl!

His Sinfulness said...

I like it - it is very clean, and very focused on the text.

Speaking of links, I put you back in as a mamber of the Redeemed... :)

His Sinfulness said...

Or a member...

What the hell is a mamber?

(Stoopid comments with their stoopid lack of editing functions, making me look stoopid...)

Mandy McClanahan said...

It's not too white?

But thanks for the feedback and thanks for re-adding me. I was feeling left out *sniffe* ;)