April 18, 2008

Fandom: My Buffy Obsession Continues

Recently, I discovered that there was a season 8 of Buffy....in comic
book form. I had ignored the comics originally (they came out the same
time BtVS was airing) because they seemed silly and didn't have much in
common with the episodes I was watching. (Don't correct me here, let me
live in my sheltered not-wanting-to-be-too-geeky world, please.) But,
there is a story arc in a newer set of comics that is the continuation
of Buffy. It picks up shortly after Sunnydale's destruction. My
adoration of Joss Whedon just keeps going.

I'm reading the comics on the 'puter for the moment, thanks to a
husband who indulged my geekiness and helped me set up a comic reader.
When money is more stable I'll look into buying them for real.

Now time to geek!