December 21, 2007

Where did December go?

I know it's not technically completely gone yet, but I feel as if I managed to just miss most of it. Busy. December is always a bit busier what with the holidays n all, but this year I decided to smash in a wedding, honeymoon, the finals of block 2 at school, finding a random person to take over my apartment so we didn't have to pay a couple thousand non-existent dollars, and moving my stuff across town. I own too much stuff! I don't know how this is possible. I cut my belongings nearly in half when I moved to Arizona about three years ago. I cleared out massive amounts of useless stuff when I moved from Havasu about six months ago. I still feel like I'm just packing boxes of crap. But I can't quite part with more. There is still at least one more day of moving the odds and ends ...then cleaning...before I'm completely moved from the apartment If I was a less responsible person I would totally give up now. Cleaning just isn't appealing right now. At least I get a day off.....sorta.....tomorrow I am being shown off to the half of Teel's family that I've not met yet. But no moving!

Oh! and to contribute to the busy-ness of this moth.....shortly after Christmas I will be heading home for a visit with the Flock! I'm very excited.................and absolutely sure I'm going to freeze. I don't own nearly enough Wyoming winter clothes anymore.

But now....I'm going to become comatose on the sofa....and boycott lifting any boxes for a while.