November 30, 2007

Gifts and other things of importance

1. We head out today. The wedding is tomorrow!!!
2. I will very likely not be in contact with anyone after tomorrow.......for at least the week.
3. If you are one of those gifty type peeps ( a few people have mentioned this)...feel free to send presents to

2713 E Aire Libre Ave Phoenix, AZ 85032 (or you could bring them by yourself)

We do have a registry of sorts.....but it's really just a dream list



His Sinfulness said...

Best of luck!

Garrett said...

Aaargh! I just read that now, so obviously I've missed it but...


I'm absolutely delighted for you and wish you both all the best, now and in the future!

Mandy said...

Thanks guys!

Pup said...

Congratulations Mandy!

Big Gay Jim said...

Okay, you haven't posted this month. Or since the wedding. Put down the newlywed and come out of the bedroom and into the light like the rest of us! (Or just post something!) ;) (For those who don't know, that line is a corruption of a long-standing joke with MandyFish and I. We'll tell you when you're older!)