July 21, 2007

The Potter-verse (may contain movie spoilers)

1. I finally saw the movie. Even with all the "they left this out"s and "they changed that"s it was still a good movie. One of my favorite Harry Potter movies in fact! I laughed at teen angst, I cheered for Dumbledore's Army, and I teared up when Sirius died. Fantastic! Matthew had a heck of a time trying to decide whether he should pay attention to the movie or watch how Mimi, Tessa, and I were reacting. We were often the most into the movie and therefore the loudest. It was great!

2. I had originally thought to bypass all midnight Potter parties. I could get the book anywhere the next day. But, I gave into the temptation and the pressure of having friends who'd volunteered at the B&N party (and got extra discounts). I hung out with MM and Tessa reading books, staring at costumes, and watching magicians while Mimi was off supervising the making of wands.

3. Yes, I got the book at midnight. Yes, I was all sorts of giddy.

4. Tessa is reading the book first. I have a reading flaw. When a large amount of time has gone between books in a series, I have to reread the last book. Just a refresher. So, no talking to me of HP for at least 3-4 more days. I'll reread six while she's reading seven. Then I get to read it! No telling me who dies...who does what....who wins....how it ends. None of it! It's hard enough listening to Tessa gasp and giggle while she's reading. Four days is all I ask ....then I'll geek right along with you.


Big Gay Jim said...

I finished the book today at precisely 6:30pm, Mountain Time. Crying like a baby, ayup.

Mandy said...

OMG! Yes! And Snape! And wow!