February 19, 2007


It's actually raining in Havasu! This isn't torrential downpours, but it is significantly more than the 2 minute sputters that normally qualify as rain here. I've made a nest in the chair by the window and will be reclaiming my post shortly. Harley and I want to watch the drops hit the palm fronds.


Mark Travis said...

I thought it wasn't going to snow again in Elko, but it did again, finally. The problem, of course, is that it will melt in a day or so.

I've been told that this weather is not typical for the area. Who knew. Maybe that whole global warming/climate change thing has something going for it.

Enjoy the rain. I've missed rain ever since I left Nebraska. You know, really good thunder storms with lightning and lots of rain.

His Sinfulness said...

Despite all my bitching about snow, I actually really like rain. The summer afternoon thunderstorms of my native North Carolina were frequently of biblical proportions, but only for about a half an hour. It was great fun to rest on the covered porch and get scared silly by the sudden cracks of thunder...