February 27, 2007

No witty title tonight, sorry.

I have no idea what's actually wrong, but the oh-so-odd symptoms include complete, full range of motion yet having to be concious of making movements with my left arm, a heavy "asleep" feeling from shoulder to wrists, occasional tingling in my fingers, and pain along my shoulder blade.

Alright, so I may be exaggerating a bit, but I do have all those symptoms. Though, I'm pretty sure they are just from sleeping wrong and then not being able to pop my own back. Throw in a cat who has suddenly decided that sleeping on top of me is a good thing....I'm sure that is why my back is wonked out and my arm is protesting.

I found someone tonight who appreciates the 80's big hair bands. We totally rocked the workout karaoke!

I also found a new hairstylist. Unlike my last one, she seems to actually be available when I can get in (see money and time availabilty) .....and......she's cheap! Yay!

Warm fuzzies were given from the Art teacher today. It seems she either hadn't taught such basic composition things as line, movement, color...........or when I had to step in for a class (she had to rush a sick kid to the dr.) I jumped forward in her lesson plans. She liked what I taught them (thank goodness I pay attention in art appreciation class) and they will be using it to write critiques of the works they see during their upcoming field trip.

Beware! A horde of high school students from Lake Havasu will be running amok in Phoenix this coming Saturday. I suggest hiding.

It's funny. Blogger still thinks I'm misspelling Havasu.

This post is about nothing. It fulfilled my need to babble. I'd give you your few minutes of reading time back if I could. Cookie?


His Sinfulness said...

Point by Point response:
1) You are having a stroke... or you slept wrong. If wake up tomorrow, you'll know it is the latter.
2) Like many addictive substances, Hair bands can be fun, IN MODERATION.
3) Cheap is good.
4) I would have taught them to paint on each other...
5) Duly noted.
6) Not surprising - Blogger still thinks my name is "Lindsey".
7) Posts about nothing make the blogiverse go round. if you removed all of the fluff content from my blog, there would be about 8 posts...

Mandy said...

Good. At least I'm not alone in the fluff department.