December 11, 2006

Stopping is always a choice.

Note: The blog I was keeping about my classroom/school/students/teaching experience has not been updated lately. It is not likely to be. While there are plenty of stories I'd like to put to words, both good and bad, about the kids and our experiences...I'm afraid of taking a nose dive into the bitchy, complaining abyss. Of late...well since late September really, there have been sequences of things that are not making me happy with the situation. Specifically, the administration and charter board.

I can see the posts taking on a life of their own, and just being huge complaint dumps. I don't want that for my memory blog. I can remember the good stories without writing them. I have the first year. I'll tell the others. No need to write more for a while. I don't like complaining.

In other news: I've had a very productive and satisfying every-day sort of life today. Bills were paid, shoes put away, books read, books attempting to be read, journals ripped to shreds for the useful articles and then tossed, laundry sorted, kitty fed and brushed and cuddled, and a dozen other things. There is more to do....but not now. While the warm, fuzzy mood prevails I'm off to soak in a bath and read a book that wants to be read...and get my toes warmed up.