December 20, 2006

Special Delivery...

Today, during one of the class periods, "candy-grams" were delivered. Anyone could buy a pair of candycanes, hot glued into the shape of a heart or X, to be delivered to someone special for Christmas. The kids were all a buzz and fluttery as they were passed out. You know...more candycanes the more social status you have...right?

I got two sets. The first was given out to all the teachers from "anonomous" (yes they looked that up...and they still misspelled it) and read "Keep the faith." I have no issue keeping the faith, but I'm curious as to which faith I'm supposed to keep and where should I put it? The second set came from one of my 8th grade boys. He put his name on it and everything. There was even a message, "hey."

I was feeling pretty popular.....until I saw the Spanish teacher. She hauled in about 12 sets of candycanes.

I'm thinking that mine need to be made into straws for hot chocolate. Any body want some?