December 19, 2006

And now for a distraction...

There is an odd, rhythmic, booming sound happening outside. Wait, starts with I was cold. Lots of cold...big body shaking shivers. No clue really as to why. But, after putting on massive amounts of warm things and talking to Teel until I was yawning more than talking...silly me thought sleep might be almost immediate. Nope. Large boomy sounds invaded my world. So, of course the cat and I had to go investigate. Umm...actually he just hid under the chair while I pulled on slippers and put my hoodie back on. He's such a mama's sense of protector in him. Boom. No clue. Sound still going. Now I'm almost cold again. No shivers back to bed before they start. I wish I could turn off my ears. Actually, seeing that I don't. I know I'm loosing my hearing. I'm not ok with it. In fact, it scares me greatly. No more complaining about boomy sounds. To bed..with ears that are functioning.


The noise... it eventually became white noise. I believe I was finally unable to hear it around 3 am. Deep sleep may have taken over. Or...the noise stopped then.