November 26, 2006

My cat is taking his revenge.

I had a wonderful weekend/holiday! There was much, much, too much the point of getting ill one night. A lovely date, complete with dinner and a movie. An unfortunate stint in traffic school. There was also lots of fun to be had with my leather/kink family and friends. Though I've now had almost two days to recover, I'm still happily tired, achey, and covered in bruises and scratches....completely used up...but in a good way!

In other news...this strange, scary instrument is now (at least temporarily)my new favorite:

It makes a shivery noise, has sharp pointy bits, and sparks when hooked up to electricity.


ZEUS said...

Its called the garden weazel. I don't know that I want to know, but... electricity? And lo, I was sore afraid.

Mandy said...

Yep, you have correctly identified the newest torture instrument.

As for the electricity...think/google violet wand and then picture this as an attachment.

Anonymous said...

Merp. Electro play I'm cool with. (I've seen some toys that are intriguing!) But a Garden Weasel? It's night right but it's okay? Nope. NOT OKAY!!

Clayton said...


Mandy said...

The funny part about this is mostly for mind games. And apparently it works even in blog form!