September 22, 2006


Know of anywhere I can pick up a new immune

I never quite got over the cold thingamajig that went around a couple weeks ago. Now, it's back and has brought an army.

I'm sick. Sick. Possibly dying. I might even be dead right now. This could be a ghost typing. I was sent home sick today. I didn't realize they could send teachers home too...but apparently so.

Going back to bed now...ttyl...maybe...if I survive...


M.Matthew said...

We are here for you fishy...ifn you cant make it we understand. You can have some of my white blood cells any time. Being a paramedic my immune system is so advanced it's been known to attack small woodland creatures in the backyard

~ the hilzy one ~ said...

But i need my Fishy.

Drink lots of OJ and call me in the morning.

Love u!

Big Gay Jim said...

For the love of chocolate, take care of yourself. NO MORE HOSPITALS.

Mandy said...

MM - While I need a better system, I'm not sure I want one that attacks bunnies.

Hilz - I'm trying's still kicking my ass though.

Jim - Oh, Hell No! I am not going back to the hospital. I'm just sick and whinning.