September 21, 2006


Is it possible to inherit not only how you read but what you read?

In several ways, my reading habits echo Lady's. First, is my somewhat unnatural attachment to all things fairytale/fantasy. Second, is loyalty to favored authors. Third pertains to the conditions under which romance novels are the bathtub.

But, now, I'm fairly sure my mom has broken me. Other than my vampire obsession I've generally be capable of avoiding horrors and monsters. I've been testing the waters of other monsters. I'm hooked. It started with vampire/romance crossovers. Now, is the deep entrenchment in a mixed-up, monster cross-over, detective, gang/clan/family feud, romantic, but shelved in the horror section world of Laurell K. Hamilton.

I blame Lady.


Kain said...

Random Hello back. ;) (Well, is it really random if I followed your post back?)

Anyways, I see you also read Laurell, incase this is of any interest to you, I read over at that they're going to be putting out an Anita Blake comic.