September 30, 2006

Happy Saturday Thoughts...

1. I have a lovely, craftsy friend who not only encourages my ambition to become a fairy, but insists on helping me do so in dragqueen pink feahers and sparkles. The beginnings of a fabulous halloween costume are in the works.

2. There will soon be new ink.

3. Grey's Anatomy took a giant step forward. Dr. Who is still fabulous....and no I have no preference of Dr's yet.

4. Lost! Lost will be happening again soon!

5. The blueberry greentea frappichino has been replaced. A cute local coffee shop offers pumpkin pie smoothies. It sounds scary, but is fall off your seat delicious.

6. I'm learning a new sword dance....and there will be no slipper casualties this time.


Macknzie said...

You should get into Battlestar Galactica. Even for a non-geek, it's totally awesome. Not that I'd know about anything from a non-geek perspective, but that's what I've heard.