June 26, 2006


Today was spent paying various greasy men to fix random bits of my car. I feel like crying. Why? Because, while some is now fixed, not all is. It's frustrating to me to know what has to happen but have to wait. It's frustrating to want to do other things...go places...see people....but still have to negotiate with myself. What can I give up for the next two weeks? What can I give up...and still be current on ALL my bills? Am I current on all bills?

Basically, I'm being a whiny baby about something that I have very little control of. I've done what I can with the credit cards. They are being paid...bit by bit. The amazingly huge student loans are in holding, waiting for consolodation, so that I may not have skip the country. As for the rest....I will find a way to pay my bills, buy groceries, maybe visit Phoenix, and try not to feel to sorry for myself.