June 23, 2006


Because I've nothing better to blog about....and because I've played along every other time one of these went around...

5 Things In My Refridgerator
- Gatoraide (Purple flavor)
- Nutella
- Gallon of 1% milk
- Diet Pepsi
- Leftover stirfry masquerading as a science experiment

5 Things In My Closet

- Boxes of unpacked books
- An ironing board to collect dust
- Hot pink and black tulle tutu
- Piles of shoes
- Black vinyl pants

5 Things In My Workbag/Backpack/Purse

- Bottle of water
- Classroom keys on bondage rope keychain
- A spoon (Not entirely sure why)
- FBI/State of AZ fingerprint clearance card
- Peppermint chapstick

5 Things In My Car
- Crate of young adult novels
- The cat's harness and leash
- Socks
- Bag-o-bellydance jinglies
- Dark red Nalgene water bottle

5 People I Tag
- Linus/Mark/Tessa (You live in the same place - Flock Hall can co-list)
- Brittany
- Abra
- Clay
- Travis/Oblivia

Plus One

- Max (On your myspace of course, cuz)


His Sinfulness said...

Done! Do I get a prize for being first?

Mandy said...

Of course!

For the Black Pope who has everything...You've won a coveted spot in the Valhalla Graduate Program and your own secret society founded by Bea Arthur.

His Sinfulness said...

Cool - can we call the members of the secret society the "Maude-lins"?

Mandy said...

It is your secret society, Linus....call them what you wish.