June 20, 2006

Random thoughts...

1. I want to get a hold of a copy of the film Chance by Amber Benson. My favorite Buffy girl wrote and stars in it....along with James Marsters. Yep, I still have a thing for Spike.

2. For some reason I can't quite bring myself to clean out my sock drawer, even though most have holes, I don't need wool socks here, and the only ones I wear are some cotton ones for workouts.

3. I have bright pink toenails.

4. After watching Passion of the Christ, for the first time, I'm left with the sudden urge to reenter academia...just so I can write a paper that compares it to the film version of Jesus Christ Superstar. If done correctly, through a religious studies (and possibly popculture) lens, there is the possibility of using the comparison to "prove" the parts that the general public believe as true and accurate. Nifty, huh?

5. I still don't understand NASCAR. I've tried. From the driver's p.o.v. I can sort of see it. Power and speed are intoxicating. From a fan in the stands...or at home watching...no clue.

6. To whomever is repeatedly calling my cell phone. Knock it off! I'm not answering because I don't recognize the number. If you actually want to talk to me....leave a message, Renob.

7. I'm listening to either the coolest or the strangest cd I've bought in a long time. It is a string quartet doing NIN songs. Closer is scarily accurate. Piggy is as odd as ever. Either way I'm ok with spending a whole, whoppin' five bucks on it.

8. Yes, I used the word renob in the number six entry. Remember it? Think back to they days of Growing Pains. If you are too young to remember that...just spell the word backwards.

9. I've been invited to a wedding for a friend from highschool. I haven't talked to her since then. Yes, I'm going. Yes, I'm excited about it. I am not, however, excited about the prospect of shopping. Do people who have "formal" weddings expect guests to wear formal attire as well?

10. I have hard cider in pretty, green, glass bottles. I'm only missing a roof and a clear starry sky to enjoy them.