June 05, 2006

I'm melting!!!

The lovely folks at the Weather Channel have put out several warnings for the great state of Arizona. Included in the list of fire hazards, extreme dust storms, and other things you'd expect was an entry that made me giggle. Just above the weather forecast for Lake Havasu was a pretty yellow bar with the words: "Severe Weather Alert" and "Excessive Heat Warning". The funny part about this is the temperature. Yes, the current 110 to predicted 116 Fahrenheit is a bit ridiculous...but, it is nowhere near the July/August temperatures that will be coming. I get this feeling that 125+ degrees is actually more appropriate for "Excessive Heat."


Clayton said...

humidity. I win!

Mandy said...

Yes you do. Humidity is icky!

I'm still gonna whine about the temp though....and you can't stop me. :P