May 31, 2006

I'm a sap *sniffle*

With summer break has come the need to entertain myself. Normally, this is not really an issue. Actually, it isn't even an issue right now...just a slight pain. First on my list of things "that I want to do/see but don't have time for" was resuming my kink. It was pushed aside for mental reasons. But aside from that...the most important thing on the list was to feed my pop-culture addiction. Sadly, I missed winning the Madonna tickets by one phone call. Without a "Material Girl" fix I decided to go the next best all the movies I've missed. I'm taking them in threes. On this schedule I should be through them all by the middle of July....just in time for the Dr.Who release! I just finished watching "The Family Stone". I have one question...

Why are the best love stories always hidden in Christmas movies?

Other movies can feed a romance addiction. Girl X meets girl or boy Y and after a heart pounding runaway love affair they are happy and perfect in their rightness. It's sweet, appeals to the warm fuzzies, and not in the least bit realistic. But Christmas stories seem to have this way of putting a twist on love. It may still catch X and Y by surprise, but it's somehow more ....right. Rarely is love portrayed by a runaway sexual romance in a Christmas movie. Instead, it makes you catch your breath, laugh and cry, and pray that X and Y get themselves straightened out and kiss soon. I don't know. Christmas movies just seem to tell the truth about love. Maybe all this is just me...a sap.