May 26, 2006


This break has me looking for a new job. Something easy just for the summer. So I took stock. I didn't want to waitress. Been there, done that, don't want to go back if I can help it. Secretary work would be alright...though probably boring. I could always be a shop girl, but that doesn't really appeal to me. Then something hit me...I'll be spending time working out every week. Why not try there?

As of next Friday I will be the newest "personal trainer" at the local Curves. It's only part time, but it will get me off my sofa during my down time. Plus the lil bit of extra money will be much appreciated if I want to go visitin'.

Oh, by the way, this is a completely frivolous post to distract me from a case of rope envy. Shibaricon is this weekend...and I'm not there.