May 21, 2006

Late night adventures

Surfing the net can lead to some odd finds. Everyone knows this. Strangely, people still think that it is alright for me to have an internet connection available for those late nights when I can't sleep. Last night's surfing led me to this series of short films.

White : Starring Jenna Jamison and a whack-a-mole game.
Red: A cartoon history lesson...of sorts.
Blue: A music video tribute to the color you never knew.
Yellow: AI escapes.
Green: Paintball and the upperclass....with some disturbing sexual commentary.
Pink: The bastard cousin of a John Hughs' film...Creepy in Pink.
Black: Existential and bizarre is the new black.


Squid said... yet again too broken for words, that last video is definentaly going to give me nightmares.

Clayton said...

ZEUS said...

Still speechless.

His Sinfulness said...

Green looks like a good ritual - perhaps the Flock should order up some painballs...