July 14, 2013

Life hacking my brain

I have to do something. The stress mentioned in the last post has had lasting effects. I'm not sure why, but I can't just give up the stress and get over it. I keep clinging to it. Finding a reason to still be worried. Plus, for fun, somewhere along the way my ability to use will-power fled out the window. So on top of being stressed....which as a side note, is making me more stressed as now I have to worry about that too....now I'm having trouble making good decisions. Nothing life threatening...just not good for me in general. Things like inhaling a sundae that contains more calories than I normally eat in a couple days shouldn't be done....but damn, I'm sure it will taste great. And screw it. There goes the sundae. I've been having these issues for a while.

With Teel's support, I'm researching how to change my behaviors and get my will-power back. Life hacking is what those crazy internet kids are calling it today.  It seems to boil down to changing your bad habits by using positive self-talk to strengthen your brain...and hopefully strengthen your will power.

So now I'm busy wrapping my brain around personal power words. Step 1, here I come.