December 31, 2011

A New Year

Out with the old. In with the new.  ~ A fresh start. ~ Time to make some resolutions! ~ Time to reevaluate. 

I don't really know which philosophy I ascribe to. They all seem some form or another. I can see how they would work for people. I also understand why many people cave and ditch the resolutions before the first month is even up. Change is hard. Admitting that you're flawed is hard. Asking for help, admitting you need help, getting's all hard.

I don't usually make resolutions. But over the past two years I have set some goals for myself. Yes, I originally set these goals in January, but they weren't really New Year's resolutions. They were just things I wanted to work on.

Last year's goals: 1. Keep the weight off and get healthier.  Check!  (I feel really good about where I am and how my health is going.)
                            2.  Relax.  Try to curb the drastic mood swings and stress outs.   Check. (There has been a noted decrease in the amount of emotional craziness coming from me. Still a ways to go, though.)
                            3. Start listening and trusting in God, more.   Check. (This goes hand in hand with the stress thing and I'm positive that He is the peace I needed.  Still a long journey here, too.)
                            4.  Love.    Check!!
                            5. Evaluate and let go of things that weren't working for me.  Check! (Book review blog gone. Trying to fit in with other's views of me as a Christian, Teacher, Woman.............mostly gone.)

For 2012  I'm putting my goals out for the world to see...

1. Faith (in God, in others, in myself)
2. Love
3. Japan (if you don't know...just wait, I'll explain sooner or later)
4. Travel  (because I haven't really and I want to)
5. Write more  (maybe if I practice more events like NaNoWriMo won't be so stressful.)
6. Be less judgmental  (I am terribly judgmental (of people ~ real and on the internet) and honestly have no reason to be)
7. Read the books on my shelves. (My brain cracked last night and I had a fit about which book to read. Must read the unread books that are filling up four of my shelves before I buy/borrow more.)
8. Bike (Ride it more, fix it up a bit, enjoy it more often)
9. Crochet (do more, learn more, be less frustrated with something I enjoy)
10. Learn to sew (I would like to be able to make myself skirts and purses)

So there they are. My goals. They are not resolutions. They are not to the exclusion of everything else. They aren't taking the place of past goals. There is still a lot of work left to do on those. They are just goals....things to make me a better me. It will be interesting to come back next Dec 31 and see what these goals have become.