July 05, 2010

Exercise on my mind

I've never been one to be super obsessed with exercise, being a smaller size, or anything like that. Even now I'm happy with the way my body is overall.  But this blog runs the risk of becoming one of those exercise / weight loss blogs. Lately, I've been on a health kick, am getting positive results, and think I'll stick with it.

Back in January, I realized I was becoming softer than I wanted to be. My ass was in danger of being shaped like my sofa! While I started working out then, I didn't get really serious about exercise until March. My SIL was on a workout kick at the time, and between her working out all the time and my being couch shaped I had to step up. Only this time Teel agreed to start working out with me, which helps with my motivation a lot.

Now, I'm down 15 lbs. since I started working out in March. I haven't done much adjustment in my eating. Fast food is almost out completely except for once in a blue moon things, more fresh fruits and veggies, and caffeine is out all together.  I'm not really dieting, other than watching my calories through LoseIt.com. I have seriously bumped up my exercise routines now. Until a couple weeks ago I was doing somewhere between 3-6 hours of work out a day.  Now, thanks to an unexpected case of food poisoning, I'm down to a more manageable 1-2 hours a day.

I don't do anything crazy for workouts.....generally. I did participate in a 4 week exercise boot camp. I loved it! Unfortunately, money won't let me continue with that. Otherwise, I walk, do routines and activities on the WiiFit, use the BowFlex for strength training, and just recently (like two days ago) bought a bike.

See....lots to do......lots to be proud of.......lots to make this an exercise blog. :)


His Sinfulness said...

Congrats on your weight loss!

(No shame in fitness blogging. I finally had to start a separate blog for my fitness posts... :/)

Val said...

Hi Mandy!! It is Val from a long time ago in Laramie with Big Gay Jim! I think it is awesome that you are starting to work out too. Don't worry about it becoming an exercise blog. I will totally cheer you on!
Check out my blog too! I write all about my exercising and diet

Im on track to be the worlds tallest cheerleader girl!!
I am going to cheer for a LGBT squad!

Hopefully I can inspire people to follow their dreams!!

Lotta love