December 26, 2009


Hey! Did you see this? I made Bunny.  I crocheted this amigurumi version of my favorite web-comic character. For a first try I am very happy with the results. He's been sitting unfinished on my shelves for a couple months now...but on Christmas eve I finally got some googly eyes for him. Perfect!

He's a little surprised here...I didn't warn him about the flash.

Here's a better shot. Less shocking and with better light. You can see he's a tiny lil Bun...but I'm sure he's already plotting world domination!


Anonymous said...
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Clare Actman said...

Nice idea! Whilst clearing out the attic the other day, I found a hand puppet hedgehog I'd painstackingly made at Primary school. It only has 3 spikes though, because they took so long to sew on.