March 13, 2009

So terrible they're great!

Teel brought me home a gift....Twilight branded conversation hearts.

These are poorly timed marketing overkill. Instead of being released during Valentines (when the overt stalker messages would seem less creepy) these came out with the dvd release. Ummm, ok, that's a marketing choice from the same people who thought "I like boys who sparkle" t-shirts were a good idea.

But awful marketing gimmicks aside, the candy is just terrible. I love, love conversation hearts. They are my favorite holiday candy. These come in a variety of strange flavors like passion fruit, tempting apple, orange obsession, and secret strawberry. That's right...purple, red, orange, and pink to compliment the sparkly colors. The orange is truely the only edible one.....and purple? Well, purple just has to be experienced on it's own.

My taste buds kind of hate me now.