December 21, 2008

Little Surprizes

I woke up this morning, after sleeping most of the day yesterday thanks to some lingering illness, to find that Teel had been up most of the night baking, cleaning, and decorating. Our crazy silver tinsel and fiber optic lights tree which had been standing naked in the corner near the stairs was lit and happy with its glass baubles hooked onto its branches. There were loaves of pumpkin bread and cranberry bread cooling in the kitchen, and he was busy typing away at his blog like these didn't mean anything. It is a wonderful surprise and somehow makes me feel all Christmas-y when I haven't really this year. I don't think this morning could have been any better.


His Sinfulness said...

That's lovely, and very romantic, too. :)

Big Gay Jim said...

Don't you just love random surprises? We had a hoot putting up the tree, and Jesse was very good about smiling and being interested when I told him where this ornament was from or when I got that one. Happy Yule, my love!