October 07, 2008


I don't often get political on my blog. The latest "go vote" post was about it. But, after reading this article I just couldn't resist sharing. For a variety of reasons I am firmly behind Obama. McCain's choice of V.P. was at first confusing. Now it is just nauseating.

Somewhere along the way I learned about the struggles of women in society. Somewhere along the way I learned to think for myself. Somewhere along the way I became interested in the inter-connectedness of everything on this earth.

I don't understand how she could have become governor without being aware of federal policies, supreme court rulings, and basic world awareness. But, maybe I'm thinking too much like an educated, birth control using, feminist. Maybe her homey phrases and I-must-be-right-because-I'm-cute nose wrinkle are enough?

Please shoot me now.


His Sinfulness said...

She is a bit of a puzzle, isn't she? What was that republican strategy meeting like...?
"um, maybe we can just get someone attractive - it worked with Dan Quayle..."