July 23, 2008

I. will. survive.

Diet as a word has a bad reputation. Its connotation implies a lack of foods. Anything yummy and sweet is out on top of a severly limited amount of the foods that can be eaten. It implies hunger, craving denial, and possibly not really losing any weight at all.

About this time last year I took part in the Curves "weight loss challenge." It was a diet different from any I had ever been on. In its entirety it is only six weeks long. The theory is if you haven't lost the weight you want (they suggest only aiming at 10 lbs per six weeks) by the end of the time then this isn't for your body type. The only real way to mess up on this diet is to not follow the meal plan. Even if you cut out the work-out, for most people the change in diet is significant enough that you'll lose weight.

I like this diet for a variety of reasons. First, I lost 15 pounds last year and have kept it off. Second, There is so much food to eat I never feel hungry or denied. Usually. However, the first week is the hardest. It is the transition week...skipping the fats, sugars, and carbs to move to the protein, dairy, and fruits/vegetables.

I am smack in the middle of week one. This means that the yummy goodies I want I can't have for at least two more weeks. Which means the cravings are monstrous.  I. want. cookies.   



His Sinfulness said...

My mother always says, "you can't spell "diet" with "die."

Good luck - you can do it!

Mandy McClanahan said...

Thanks- I'll survive...the rough part is this week when all the yummy foods are still in my taste-memory.

Have you seen the 100 push-up challenge? It's set up like your running training, I believe. Am thinking of doing it.