June 07, 2008

I like to drum.

Well, sort of....I like to drum in Rock Band. Which is quite opposite from reality where I can't play any instrument but love to watch/listen to guitar players. I quite excited about this game, which is odd really. I'm pretty sure I've played more Rock Band (3 out of 4 parts - I haven't tried bass guitar yet) in the last week that we've had the game than any other video game....ever. It's so much fun. My only frustration is that there comes a point after playing for a while where my brain decides to stop reading the notes I'm supposed to be playing and switches to muscle memory. At which point there is no hope of me finding a beat anywhere.

Side note: The bands that "play" behind notes are just silly. I'm currently watching Teel practice guitar and the band consists of a Kiss-like metal rocker, a bubblegum colored steampunk dude, a guy who looks like he waltzed out of a truck stop, and a cute punk girl with purple pigtails. In what world would these people be in the same band? Oh yeah...Rock Band.

Wanna play?