May 27, 2008

Lazy is taking over

I had grand plans for today that included things like going to work out (I'm officially a student at I can use their gym now), calling all sorts of places to get various bits of life figured out, cleaning through my drawers and closet to purge clothes that I'm still not wearing but am storing for some reason, giving the kitty a bath, and putting in more work on my crochet (this baby blanket has taken me about 3 months longer than planned because I keep putting it down).

What I've done instead is call all sorts of places and got the various bits of life figured out for the current time, read a short story by my husband, call the gym and discovered I needed an orientation, and laid on the bed with my laptop and kitty. I'm so not motivated. Laying in bed and reading all day sounds like a much better plan than the previous one. Although, I may need to move to forage for food later, my stomach is rumbling.

On a side note, does anyone know of anywhere cheap (but not scary) to stay at in San Francisco? Or do you know someone who'd let us park in their driveway/crash on their sofa? Better yet...know anyone who wants to buy $700 worth of interesting books and art so that we can take a bit of a vacation to San Fran (for the robogames) and then Wyoming (to see family & friends)?