March 20, 2008

Them's fightin' words.

We just bought Quiddler (You all know it, right?). It's! It's like scrabble but on cards...kinda. Anyway, in the aftermath of the first game my husband declared that I will just always be 10% behind him (in score). While this does seem to be the way of it so far (in Scrabble type games) he did draw a very definitive line. I just can't conscience let that go unchecked.......or at least unchallenged. It may end up that he's right, but he doesn't get to declare always when there are still games to be played. War, I tell you. or at least practice for me

And yay for feeling if only I could do something about the horniness. *sigh* Doctor's orders having me being a really good girl for a few more days. Bleh.