March 03, 2008

A post about February

I know I haven't been actually posting anything of much content lately....well for most (if not all) of February. But there is/was a reason for this: the Februaries. The second month is the hardest. It isn't a fresh and new beginning; it only carries one small holiday from otherwise everyday everyday. This is the month that changes patterns into ruts and homebody tendencies into antisocial behavior. February and I don't have a good standing.

This year was a bit different. Somewhere near the middle of the month I realized how exactly un-awful it has been. I didn't want to jinx the goodness that was blossoming, so I just didn't post anything of any content. It turned out for the best. February was filled with my first visit to the Renaissance Fair, ownership of a pair of sandals that will constantly keep my feet in a state of rope bondage, a geeky-lovely valentine celebration that included my getting a Phoenix library card and checking out the latest Anita Blake novel, and lots 'n lots of small amusements along the way. Sure there were little downs, there always is, but not nearly anything worthy of the terrible Februaries.

The second month did get in a blind-side parting shot, though. I've spent most of the last week down with the flu....or maybe it was the plague....or just a horrible death cold. Either way it sucked. Luckily, Teel has a similar terrible movie addiction and I was able to get lost in some awful horror films. Currently Teenage Space Vampires is distracting me. It's great! The UFO has it's own gargoyles. OMG!